Prof. Grossi's oral exam.

Hi guys,
I'm starting this discussion in order to gather some information about the oral exam "style" of Grossi.
In particular, does he focus on theorem + proofs or he tends to ask about the exercises of the problem set? (or both)

Thanks in advance.


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    Usually both. But he's extremely easy-going.
  • I did the exam last year (january 2016).
    My oral exam started with a light review of the written exam, to clarify some unclear parts.
    Then we started with the theory question. The course is structured into three parts and he asked one question about each one. I don't exactly remember them, but it was one proof of the knapsack 2-approximation algorithm, a cache oblivious algorithm (chosen by me) and its complexity (with the proof) and one about randomization that I don't remember.

    I don't think he asks about exercises from the problem set that are not in your written exam.

    He is always calm and gives you time to think if you are stuck.
  • Ok thanks for the useful info, good to hear!
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